Ergonomic Training


Office Ergonomic Training

Employee education on a proper workstation set up, changing posture, MSD's, risk factors, ergonomic equipment, and effective stretching for office workers. 


Industrial Ergonomic Classes

One hour presentations to raise employee awareness of ergonomic principles, risks, MSD's, body mechanics, and effective compensation techniques to reduce injuries. Customized ergonomic training to each department and specific tasks. 


Management Workshops

Class training that focuses on program options to reduce injuries, train- the- trainer development, implementation of ergonomic programs, proper body mechanics, anatomy, and injury prevention techniques to reduce discomfort. Class lengths vary from 2 hours to 8 hours depending on company objectives.


Customized Training


  • Health & Wellness
  • Engineer Design Standards
  • New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  • The Aging Worker
  • New Technology and Ergonomics
  • ERGO 101 for HR
  • Chair Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics for Seniors
  • Ergonomics for Management
  • Injury Prevention Principles
  • Office Ergonomics for Employees
  • Industrial Ergonomics for Employees
  • JSA Training for Supervisors or Teams
  • Stretch – Flex Training for Supervisors
  • Shoulder Health
  • Back Health
  • Healthy Knees
  • Golf Ergonomics
  • Weight programs for Aging workers 
  • Stretching with a Purpose 
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Forklift Ergonomics    
  • Train The Trainer
  • Stretch Training
  • Spanish Ergonomic Classes


MSD Prevention Training

MSD Prevention Exercises: A thirty-minute presentation designed to empower employees to participate in their own safety & health. Special emphasis is placed on the kinds of strengthening and flexibility exercises that employees can do while working, on breaks, and at home to reduce their likelihood of developing MSD's.