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Washington Department of Labor and Industries


The basic WISHA checklists for Caution and Hazard Zones were modified to reflect decisions about Caution and Hazard Zone in one checklist. The lifting and vibration assessments have been moved to separate forms. Needless to say, what is offered here is unofficial and unapproved meddling.

This rule is no longer a statute, but the science behind it stands.


Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling Tables


Separate packages for Push/Pull, Carry, and Lift/Lower are offered. The newest version (v3) of the Push/Pull Analysis Package contains dual recommendations for initial force.

The design goal tables are a reduced set of the Liberty Mutual MMH Tables. The emphasis is on design goals based on 75% acceptable for women. Separate table sets for US Traditional and mks units are provided. For Push/Pull forces, Loss Prevention at Liberty Mutual recommends the values associated with the shortest distance.

Loss Prevention at Liberty Mutual has posted the recommendations that they use. The link is provided here.

Other Helpful Resources


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