Onsite Assessments

Office Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations

Our team of trained ergonomic and health care professionals has years of practical experience in solving problems and provides ergonomic consulting services, including individual on-site workstation evaluations and ergonomic training, with the following objectives in mind:

  • Identify potential ergonomic risk factors
  • Improve workstation design and layout 
  • Instruct user on chair features, proper seating and posture
  • Review optimum keying and mousing techniques 
  • Recommend correct ergonomic equipment, filing system and telephone positioning 
  • Lighting issues and monitor glare 
  • Address layout of office and workstation accessories 

ECI is proud to start offering Virtual Assessments

           Via 30 minute web meeting: 

  • Employee’s risk assessment & workstation set-up. 
  • Provide recommendations on adjustments to improve employee biomechanics and comfort. 
  • Provide education and report development
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Volume Discounts available